Our Ethos

Our Story

Homestead & Co began with a dream to create a natural food cover that is kind to our planet. Our food covers are handcrafted with natural and sustainable ingredients with an environmental conscience. We believe in a sustainable future and our products endeavor to be healthy for the earth and healthy for you and your family.

Our food covers are designed and lovingly hand made individually in our own home in Coffee Camp, located in the beautiful Northern Rivers in New South Wales, Australia.

The Crafters

Carol and her daughter Samantha are the founders of Homestead and Co. Carol is the mother of four children with a passion for local and sustainable food. She has been growing certified organic sunflower sprouts and other salad greens since early 2002 so developing a natural,
sustainable and reusable product that keeps your food fresh was a natural progression for her. Caring about the health of her children and the environment gave her the inspiration to find away to store food that didn’t involve plastic cling wrap.

Her daughter Samantha shares her vision in creating a healthy future for the planet. Upon finishing a degree in Graphic design, she applied her energy into creating the brand for Homestead & Co. Samantha’s three younger brothers regularly join them in making The Wraps at home, so it really is a family affair.